Nurtured with Nature

At Nuna MedTM, our vision is to be the company you trust for safe and effective solutions rooted in nature.

Introducing our first product

Urinary Tract SupporTea

Herbal Supplement
Looking for a botanically based option to assist with urinary tract issues?  SupporTea can help get you back on track: it’s been used for over a decade, is thoroughly tested, and has a soothing, herbal taste.

“The tea has been like a miracle! I am very sensitive to UTI, take cranberry pills every day and I have never had something that works like this.”

~ Ana

“Thank you! OMG I feel so much better. This tea is amazing!”

~ Shawntay

“This tea was a lifesaver!! By the end of the first day I was almost 100% better!”

~ Rachel

[We’re happy to report that after consuming the tea for 2 days she reported that she was!]

“I wanted to report in to let you know that your tea did the trick!!!! My symptoms seemed to have ceased.”

~ Maria

Let’s get better together!

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