At Nuna MedTM we strive to be the company you trust for safe and effective solutions rooted in nature.

Our Story

Nuna Med is a small company with a big mission: to redefine medicine. Nuna Med—the “nu” stems from “nurture” and the “na” from nature– offers nature-based products that serve as a first line of defense for common ailments, so pharmaceuticals can be reserved for when you really need them. Ali Barta, the company’s founder, came across the first product, Nuna Med’s Urinary Tract SupporTea, after battling with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) due to a spinal cord injury in 2014. Month after month of antibiotics to treat UTIs ultimately resulted in antibiotic resistance. She was forced to explore adjunct therapies as a result. After searching—and trying some obscure products and modalities—she came across a tea developed by a naturopathic doctor with a history of being 80% effective on the doctor’s patients. While Ali was initially skeptical that a tea could be the solution, it became her saving grace. Thus she decided to use her University of Virginia degrees (Darden MBA ’18, Batten MPP ’18) to partner with practitioners like the one who created SupporTea in an effort to help people overcome their healthcare struggles naturally.

Want to learn more? Carl Brigg’s article in University of Virginia’s UVA Today captures it splendidly (click the text below and you’ll be taken to the article):

Recovery From Near-Fatal Accident Sparks Recent Graduate’s Entrepreneurship


Why Nuna?

What Makes Us Different?

There are a lot of scary herbal supplements out there, but Nuna Med strives to be different. Here are a few things we’re really proud of:

Made in the USA: Our products are proudly made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients. While we always prefer domestic herbs, sometimes countries like Croatia or Canada have a better crop. Our commitment is to bring you the best regardless of whether it’s grown down the street or across the pond.

3rd Party Tested: Quality control is of utmost importance to us, so even though it’s costly, all of our herbs go through extensive testing before making their way to you.

No shortcuts: We want to earn your trust and recognize that it takes time. Similarly, while we would love to have a solution for all of your wellness needs today, we’re not in this just to make money. We’re in it to make an impact. So please be patient with us as our portfolio grows. We have a feeling it will be well worth the wait and are always open to your suggestions for future products!

Need Nuna Med, but going through a rough time financially?
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