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“I’ve struggled with recurrent UTIs for years. I’d done so many rounds of antibiotics and had been looking for a better solution. I felt like I had tried everything — baking soda, apple cider vinegar, corn silk tea, parsley tea, D-Mannose, etc etc. Finding SupporTea was incredible. I take it at the first sign of my infection and it generally clears it up completely. I’m super grateful to have found it.”



“The tea has been like a miracle! I am very sensitive to UTI, take cranberry pills

every day and I have never had something that works like this.


“I get UTIs once a month, and this is the first natural medicine that has completely helped me! Thank you oh so much.”


“I have been getting UTIs all my life, and very frequently this past year.  I started taking SupporTea as directed at the very first symptoms, and in 48hrs I felt perfectly normal. It is such an incredible relief to have an alternative to the pain and discomfort of infection and the detrimental effects of yet another round of antibiotics.  I’m so grateful for your product!”

(this customer also submitted a urine sample to her primary care physician before and after taking the tea. On August 15, 2018 her urine sample contained 50/100k units E. coli. After taking the tea as directed for 48hrs, she submitted another urine sample on August 17, 2018. The second sample was negative for infection.)


“This tea was a lifesaver!!”


“Nuna Med'[s SupporTea] is an amazing product! It worked for me. It truly is a godsend for those suffering with a UTI. I would recommend keeping it on hand, so at the first symptom, you can start using it right away.”


“Thank you! OMG I feel so much better! This tea is amazing!”